KTM XC1 diagnose tool

April 2009

KTMs new XC-1 diagnose tool for EFI models

This weekend I had the opportunity to play with the new diagnose box and software from KTM for all EFI models, the XC-1. It has just been made available for dealers who ordered it. This is the only kit that works with the RC8 R too, can test ABS systems etc.

The XC-1 is a MASSIVE improvement over the previous box & software. The software has gone through about a decade of improvement. Faster, easier to use and has much more functions. Resetting the ECUs, error coding, running testcycles, flashing new fuelmaps, is only a few mouse-clicks. But THE big improvement is that, for the first time, it allows a dealer to adjust the fueling of a bike witin a limited bandwith. The XC-1 kit allows the dealer to change the CO targets of the ECU for the idle & load mixture. Ideally you need a dyno to adjust CO target under load properly. By changing the CO target the ECU adjusts the pulse-with of the injector(s) - the amount of fuel - and thus the mixture. The software displays the changes real time on the screen with the engine running in red-green-blue bar graphs on the screen. Neat.

The XC-1 is NOT the same as a PowerCommander, Rapid Bike or Tuneboy. These tools can change the entire fueling by modifying ECU targets or fuelmap itself (TB) or the sensor data going to ECU (PC & RB). I think it makes sense that KTM doesn't give 'full user control' over the fueling for safety, warranty and legal reasons. So is this a big deal then? Yes, I think it is as we found out.

The XC-1 unit gives a dealer just enough control to iron out EFI glitches. It's not intended as a tool for performance tuning. We did some tests and adjustments on my mates' 690 SM P and my 690 SMR. His bike has always been a bit jerky on the throttle in transition from idle to throttle and on small throttle openings (traffic crawling). After the flow job and fitment of the Duke/SMC cam my SMR had started to stall sometimes and idled on the low side. We re-adjusted the throttle sensors and CO targets for the idle mixture on our bikes with the XC-1 kit. His bike a little lower on CO, my bike a little higher. Solved. Both bikes run much better now. The jerkyness on his bike is gone and mine idles rock-steady on 1600 RPM. And it doesn't stall anymore, not even if provoked. A few mouse-clicks is all it took.

This post is only intended to share some first experiences with the XC-1 kit. We didn't try every single function yet and I'm not an expert either. But it might be a heads up for those who suffer from EFI glitches. There is probably a quick'n easy solution around the corner.

This is how it looks:

Last modified: 25-07-2009