KTM 690 Brembo upgrade

  •  KTM 690 SM Brembo upgrade
  •  KTM 690 SM Brembo upgrade

July 2009

The SMR, SM P, Duke and SMC all have the same radial Brembo caliper with 4 pads. The normal SM has the same (looking) caliper with 2 pads. Although there is not much wrong with stock the front brake, I don't think it's to rave about either. It needs a firm pull, lacks some feel & progression and feels a bit wooden IMO.

I have swapped the stock caliper on my SMR with a Brembo Monoblock caliper from the RC8. It's made from one piece (monoblock ) and uses 2 pads. It's a little longer and wider but bolts straight on the 690 forkleg.

The difference is huge! It is much more powerful but the initial bite is softer (that's good). The power increase is more linear and with a lot more feel. I didn't expect the improvement to be this big. WOW!...

Oh and I think it looks a lot better too... :-)

For this upgrade you need the caliper, pads, springplate and banjo bolt from the RC8.

Last modified: 19-07-2009