KTM 690 Bling

  •  KTM 690 SM Garmin mount
  •  KTM 690 SM Garmin mount
  •  KTM 690 SM 12V power outlet/inlet
  •  KTM 690 SM PowerParts radiator cover
  •  KTM 690 SM PowerParts radiator cover
  •  KTM 690 SM Radiator & exhaust
  •  KTM 690 SM Radiator & bashplate
  •  KTM 690 SM Akrapovic
  •  KTM 690 SM Tail

Garmin Zumo GPS mount:

When you try riding a trip or a holiday, especially abroad, with a GPS there no way back to the good'ol tankbag with maps or other routing tools. The fiddling to get the right part of the map under the transparent, the near death experiences 'cos you're trying to find where the hell you are on the map but don't want to stop etc... But fitting a GPS on a bike will never make it look better. So it's a matter of figuring out the least ugly way to fit one that's still practical to use.

This is how we fitted the Garmin Zumo 550 on our KTMs. Two adapter-bots from stainless replace the stock bolts from the handlebar clamp. They have 13mm M6 thread on top to hold the alloy base plate for the Zumo cradle. The cradle is mounted to the base plate with 4 stainless Philips head screws. Rock solid, clean looking and works perfect. Power comes from the switched 'Acc2' accessory wires already available under the dash. Fused'n all. Neat.

We got the parts made by a small metal working company who lost (or thew away) my drawing after they finished. Grrr... So no drawing available but if you want something similar it shouldn't be too difficult to copy it from the pics. All it took was a few hours with some paper, a pen and a pair of vernier callipers.

The second picture also shows SXS Adjuster knobs on the forks, quick bleeders and the orange anodised central top yoke bolt.

12V Power outlet/inlet:

Not exactly a sexy mod but a very handy one. Available from KTM but also at any electric components shop for a few bucks. Powered from the non-switched power wires (Acc1) available under the dash. Main purpose is to hook up a tickle charger in 3 seconds. But I could also power your cell phone when lost in the desert or jungle. Or stranded on a desolate road at 3 AM with an empty tank in the rain... :-)

KTM PowerParts radiator cover & engine guard:

Black laser cut alloy frame with alloy mesh replaces the ugly stock plastic Luxaflex blind. Fitting takes a little force and bending but it looks a lot better.
The alloy engine guard from KTM PowerParts can only be fitted when the exhaust is off the first time. The front engine bolt that holds the bracket of the guard has be turned 180 head-nut side.

Full Ti Akrapovic exhaust system

I finally got the parts and fitted the Akra with the Mark II mounting kit. With this second - newer - version you remove the pillion pegs and brackets completely. It uses an all carbon bridge-like bracket mounted between the rear fender and sub-frame holding the cans perfectly symmetrical on the bike. Something that is almost impossible with the other mounting kit that uses the pillion peg brackets.

Just for fun I've put the pillion pegs, brackets & bolts on the scale and they are 2 KGs together. This brings the total weight loss from the full Akra to a whopping 9,5 KGs! You feel the weight loss even picking it up from the side stand. While at it I also dropped in a K&N filter and fitted the longer rear hugger from the 690 Duke. Fuel mapping is updated to the latest Akra version.

Last modified: 09-09-2009