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  •  KTM 660 SMC OEM
  •  KTM 660 SMC Black rear
  •  KTM 660 SMC Black
  •  KTM 660 SMC Black front
  •  KTM 660 SMC Front
  •  KTM 660 Front close
  •  KTM 660 SMC ready
  •  KTM 660 SMC New
  •  KTM 660 SMC Black Back
  •  KTM 660 SMC Chain
  •  KTM 660 SMC Duke mirrors
  •  KTM 660 SMC Other Petcock
  •  KTM 660 SMC Spiegler disc
  •  KTM 660 SMC Horn switch
  •  KTM 660 SMC PosÚ

Chain & Sprockets

For my personal taste the gearing could be a tad longer. I replaced the standard 16:38 with 17:40. The gold-ish Wieres rear sprocket is completed with a gold-plated chain.
On the road this feels good. The bike is still wheelie-happy and accelerates very good, but on circuit's shorter gearing will be better.

Fuel petcock

Don't you hate that petcock that you can't reach when you have to put it on reserve?
For some reason it's more difficult to reach than on the 625SC... the black hose (breather tube?) behind the petcock is closer to the switch on the 660 than on the 625. The petcock is probably "reversed" for competition purposes, but on the road it's a bitch.
Anyway, replace this with a Duke petcock, and your troubles are over.

Reachable horn

Another bitch is the horn. In "panic" situations it's hard to reach, with your index-finger you have to reach behind the switch-block.
On the picture above you see the situation after turning it 180┬░. Now you can reach the horn with your thumb. The light switch is something you hardly operate, but after riding 2500km with the old situation, it needs getting used to.

Spiegler Full Floating Disk

Same story as on the KTMax' 640 Duke LE, with one addition: The sensor for the speedometer on the SMC can be glued in one of the floaters.

Carburettor & airbox setup

The carb is setup the way Sommer  advices you to do.
  • Remove all the restrictions and install the non-restrictive parts coming with your bike
  • Replace airbox-lid with a open airbox-cover (which covers approx. 80%)
  • 168 Main jet
  • Needle 2nd from top
  • Twin-Air SM airfilter
Fuel consumption stays reasonable. I even managed to get 1:20 (20km on 1 liter gasoline), but that was a very boring trip. Normally it's about 1:16

This setup is close to perfect for a standard bike and turn it into something really wild.
KTMax has the same setup on his 660SMC and his bike put out 57 hp on the dyno!

For me this is more then enough.
If I ever dare to think that I outperform my bike, I can always install a Akrapovic and the FR-cam, but for now I'm very happy...

Last modified: 19-07-2009