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KTM 640 Duke II

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Excel wheels

When I was shopping for a hooligan-bike, the Duke-II was fresh on the market.
I had seen my friends Duke and supermoto, so the Duke-2 would complete our range.

I liked the new look, really liked the the green color but was doubting the BBS wheels. They look kinda nice, but I preferred  spoked wheels.

I also had damaged the light alloy wheels on my previous bike, so I was worried about the strength off the wheels.   
After reading some reports of bent rims I knew I had to go for other wheels.

Being a fashion-victim I wanted excel rims, and wanted everything black, except for the spokes.
I know it's much easier to order the "standard" KTM rims, but this way I had the choice to make everything black.
I wanted the same sizes as my BBS wheels, but a 4.5" rim for the rear wheel would took a long time to deliver so I took the 4.25"  rim (same as duke-1 and pre-2002 supermoto's) . Tires become very round in this size, so you need to lean very hard to use all of your tires... which is good.

Riding experience so far is positive.
They feel a bit heavier though, but I'm not afraid for damaging my rims whenever I hit anything a bit harder than intended to. And they are just dead-gorgeous...

Spiegler full floating disc

Being a MonoManiac approved mod, I couldn't resist to add this beauty to my excel wheels.
I only insisted on a black carrier and black ring... ;-).
The technical foundation for this mod is explained below by KTMax (see also his bike 640 Duke LE)

Last modified: 20-07-2009