KTM Duke II - Green blood

januari 2000

Repair coolant leakage at cilinderhead/sparkplug area

GasGas GuZ: These pages give some details on how to fix the green-blood situation.
Does your Duke (or any other LC4) seem to leak coolant in the sparkplug area?
Don't worry, there is a simpel solution.

Does your engine look like this?
White(ish) stuff on your cylinder which is dried out coolant coming from
somewhere at the cylinder head.
The arrow shows were it comes from.

The solution....
An alloy tube with a thin O-ring at one side.
This is the official KTM part (# 584.36.081.044) to solve this minor problem.
Available at every KTM dealer.
The 2000 LC4 models are fitted with this "mod" as standard.

This is where where the tube should be fitted.
Put some Loctite (243 according to KTM) on the tube and insert
with the O-ring side in first.

Use a plastic hamer, a plastic or wooden rod or something like that to
tap the tube in without damaging it.
In my case it went in very easy, only the last part needed some tapping.

Looking as pretty as it should.
The green blood doesn't return

See the Technical Info provided by KTM
(click on picture for the full fax)
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