KTM 690 SMC - Akra fitting issues

One of the most likely thing you doe with your SMC is mounting an Akrapovic slip-on, or if you like, the full system. It all fits well but could be done better for my taste.

First of all, the low side of the exhaust points a bit outwards. If anything, it should point inwards, or at least be straight.

Second the plastics nearly touches the exhaust, and it's a matter of time before the vibrating parts hit and damage each-other.

You could try and bent a spare "holder silencer" (part# 76505084000) which connects the echaust to the bike, but you could also try using bevelled washers.

It takes some fiddling, because of the washers the exhaust comes a bit more "off" the bike, but it's position is better. Anyway, the result is good:

Bending the before-mentioned "holder silencer" will be better, maybe something to try at my dealer, in case I break it.

Last modified: 07-09-2009